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From "David Parks" <>
Subject RE: Question about ThrouputController
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2011 17:31:54 GMT
I did this as follows:

* Thread group (define how many requests should be going through at one
  * Random Controller (pick any of the sub controllers at random each
    * Throughput Controller A [10%, By Percent]
    * Throughput Controller B [40%, By Percent]
    * Throughput Controller C [30%, By Percent]
    * Throughput Controller D [20%, By Percent]

This generates randomly distributed load over Controllers A-D according to
the percentages defined.

I also threw in a timer at the Random Controller level to limit the requests
to once every X seconds, this way I could define the number of threads as
representative of an real-world active user. 

Hope that gives some food for thought.

-----Original Message-----
From: Philippe Bossu [] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 10:13 AM
Subject: Question about ThrouputController

First thank's for your help and great JMeter product.

I have the following requirement.
I would like to execute 4 different samples at the following frequence:

   - 10% for A
   - 40% for B
   - 30% for C
   - 20% for D

A,B,C and D do search on different criterions.
At least one of them must be executed because next sampler will use the
search result.

I tried to use ThroughputCOntroller but when I ran it once, none of the 4 is
Random Controller does not do the job.
InterleaveController as parent of TPC may be an option but I don't
understand how to use it with others
SwitchController might also be an option based on a question sebb answered
to on the mailing list but how to randomize ?

Thank you for your help.

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