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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Flaw in how JMeter runs threads...
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2011 19:34:24 GMT
On 12 September 2011 20:15, Bruce Ide <> wrote:
> Could you use a synchronizing timer to insure your threads run more
> consistently? I find them to be underrated, and they're worth taking a look
> at if you haven't yet.

But that may make the test unrealistic - are the 100 users really all
doing the same thing at the same time?
That's what is likely to happen.

Better IMO to run a mix of requests in each thread and let the threads
run at their own pace (e.g. with timers with a random element).

The requests then arrive in different combinations at the server.

So long as the test is run for long enough, one can either ignore or
allow for the startup/shudown phase.

If the test is not run for long enough, it may not be useful to show
behaviour under full load.

> --
> Bruce Ide

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