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From sebb <>
Subject Re: JMeter 2.5 performance
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 15:48:57 GMT
On 2 September 2011 16:44, Vance Zhao <> wrote:
> i'm aslo hitting the slow result when using the http sampler with
> httpclient4. i found it easily eat out all the resouce with httpclient4 and
> actually i got OOM in the jmeter client side. Do we forget closing the
> connction in jmeter?

I already wrote (in this thread) that there is a bug in the
HttpClient4 implementation - it does not re-use connections when it

This has been fixed in SVN and will be in the next release, whenever that is.

> On Aug 31, 2011 11:44 PM, "Robin D. Wilson" <> wrote:
>> Sebb asked:
>>>>>How do the average elapsed times compare?
>>>> The average times are about 50% longer than with 2.4 - so where I was
>>>> averaging ~1000ms for the 'submit' (POST) action, it is now showing
>>>> about
>>>> 1500 to 1750ms. (I am mostly concerned with the 'POST' because that's
>>>> where all the real work occurs on our server side.)
>>>Are all the methods equally affected?
>> Hard to say, I wasn't recording them in the benchmark data I keep - but in
>> just looking at it, I would say yes.
>>>>>Also what about min/max
>>>> Those varied a lot from one run to the next anyway - just because I've
>>>> always been dealing with very short durations - but I did notice that
>>>> the 'max' seemed to consistently read higher than my prior benchmarks
>>>> - but only by 1-2 seconds (1000-2000ms). Given the variables in the
>>>> system - that doesn't seem too outrageous to me.
>>>>>The http sampler code was re-organised for 2.5; additional classes
>>>> added and there is another code layer,
>>>>>but I'd be surprised if that had a significant effect.
>>>> I wonder if that mattered - it sure appears to be making a big
>>>> difference. I think I could re-work the script to use AJP (we're
>>>> hitting 'tomcat' through an apache front-end right now - and our
>>>> apache uses AJP), but I have no prior benchmarks to compare AJP with...
>>>Not sure how that would help.
>> If it were something in the HTTP Request HTTP Client sampler, it might
> make
>> a difference if I switched to a different sampler. If it is a problem that
>> is global to all JMeter samplers, then it won't help at all. Just trying
> to
>> isolate the problem area.
>>>I find it hard to believe that the additional code used by the samplers -
> I
>> think it's just
>>>one extra level of indirection - could cause the significantly different
>> results you are seeing.
>>>Does the jmeter.log file show anything relevant?
>> Not that I can see. Everything appears normal to me.
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