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From Oliver Lloyd <>
Subject Re: JMeter and MySQL?
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2011 19:13:50 GMT
I'm with Deepak, this is a task best done offline after the test is complete.
That said, it depends a lot on why you want to do this. It might be a direct
DB connection is best. 

Assuming you take the offline route, here's an example of what we do:

A lot of our testing is based on comparing build X to build Y, this is
pretty impossible to do in any scientific manner using JM's graphs so we
write the results to a database and from there things get a whole lot
easier. We actually use two methods for this:

1. An ETL process that aggregates the data and then writes to MySQL.
2. A straight upload of the raw data to Mongo.

Both solutions involve wrapping the execution of the test in a shell script.

For 1, we use Pentaho Data Integration. It's open source, java (multi
platform) and pretty simple to learn. The key tools are 'Kettle' for the ETL
and 'Pan' to call the kettle script from the command line. (Don't ask me why
they use a kitchen naming convention!) Putting the business logic in the
upload like this makes the presentation layer simpler and faster and you end
up with a nice schema with tables containing summary data, aggregated by
min, by sec, detailed data, etc.

For 2, it's just a single line statement to upload the file. The business
logic is then kept in the presentation layer which speeds the upload but
makes coding up the presentation harder.

Pros and cons to both - we're still playing. But in both cases you get
historical data (trending) and the ability to quickly and easily compare
resultsets. Very useful. 

Oddly, not many (any?) other load test tools give you this. I've been doing
this a long time and never come across a half decent tool that allows
interrogation over multiple test resultsets out of the box. It's weird.

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