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From Barrie Treloar <>
Subject Upgrading of libraries (was Re: [ANNOUNCE] JMeter 2.5 is released)
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2011 05:39:45 GMT
On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 10:59 AM, sebb <> wrote:
>> Are library version increments noted in the change log?
> Generally, but we might have missed some.
>> Its possible I missed them at
>> And I really have trouble grokking bugzilla :)
>> e.g. how do you get a change log report out like you do in Jira?
> No idea; not sure it's possible.

At least I'm going made missing the obvious then.

>> In particular I noticed common-langs get bumped *yay* but others like
>> htmllexer-2.0-20060923.jar are still using unreleased "snapshot" of
> It's not unreleased, it's at
> This was the first one with the dual license, if I remember correctly.

Ok, what I meant was its a "snapshot" build rather than a full release.

>> non-current versions.
>> (org.htmlparser:htmllexer:2.1 is available)
> Where? Does not seem to be available on Sourceforge.
> [I stopped following the announce list as it was spam-only for the
> last year or more]|ga|1|htmllexer
Release on 24-Apr-2011 but you are right, there are no files on
for this release.
The MANIFEST.MF clains it was built-by derrick which I assume to be
the Project Admin - derrickoswald

Ahh, browsing SVN did the trick:
HTMLParserProject-2.1/ 	 72 	 3 months 	 derrickoswald 	
[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag HTMLParserProject-2.1

Maybe they stopped pushing out files via

> BTW, if you want to update any jars, you can always just replace them
> in the lib/ directory [as long as they are binary compatible.]

Yeah, I'll restate in advance - I'm an edge case :)

All our JMeter tests are JavaSamplers which means we have to bundle
our code with JMeter.
As there is no class path isolation I am getting issues with things
like xstream conflicting.
We use xstream-1.2.2.jar, JMeter uses xstream-1.3.1.jar.  If we dont
use the correct version of xstream our xml compression fails but
Jmeter seems to run happily on the older version.

I'm in the process of building some wrapper pom.xml's to auto-populate
the JMeter lib directories so that our less technical people have a
more automated way of creating JMeter instances.
So I'm sifting through the files and working out
which ones can come straight from maven central and which ones come
elsewhere and seeding our internal repository manager with those ones.
Ideally I'd like all those artifact on central.
This isn't something that would be that pressing for the JMeter team -
except it would simplify the to use a central *.loc

Once this is in place I'm aiming to be able to populate the lib
directories automatically and with version conflict resolution and
I'll be happy :)

One of the defects I submitted needed to use reflection black magic
which requires common-langs:2.5+ and I noticed the upgrade to 2.6
which started this whole thread.


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