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From Oliver Lloyd <>
Subject RE: Issues with JMeter Master-Slave configuration
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2011 22:08:12 GMT
It probably is a configuration issue - at least in the sense that the problem
only occurs under certain circumstances. You see, the thing is this
functionality normally works; in your case there is something different
which is causing a problem. Now, this may be a real code issue but if you
can isolate the cause you will be probably be able to workaround it and
then, when you have a clear understanding, you can help others by raising a
bug yourself so future releases will be better.

What happens when you remove the CSV dataset?
What if you try to run a very simple testplan remotely. Does this work?
Have you checked connectivity for RMI? Firewalls? 
Are you running the same version of Java on both Master and Slave?

You seem like a bright type so I won't patronise you with explanations for
why little tests like this can help debug your problem.

By the way, my response might not have been very useful to you, but hey, at
least I took the time to try and help you. Oh, and I meant what I said about
using Windows 7, I have had issues using csv files edited in this OS and
then used remotely on Linux so for that reason I avoid this scenario. You
also get the added bonus of not having to update your file paths all the

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