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From "Nikolay Miroshnichenko" <>
Subject Jmeter as MDA (mail delivery agent) for calling by external scripts
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2011 17:00:21 GMT

Have Anyone used JMeter as a MDA, just as a tool for reading emails?
How to do it conveniently?
I mean, it's rather easy and quickly to read and deal with mail messages
inside JMeter, but
problems arise when trying to get the messages from an external script or

Having JMeter 2.5, I add "Mail Reader Sampler" and "Save Responses to a
file" listener.

Then I read all the saved files with another functional testing tool.

But the problem is that "Save Responses to a file" listener saves many files
per one message
 (at least two: one for headers and one or more - for body).

If to mark "Store the message using MIME (raw)" checkbox, the number of
saved files is correct
 - it equals to the number of messages, but then there is another problem: 
the messages bodies become unreadable in those saved files (and also in
"View Results Tree" listener).

So, if there is an easy or common way to resolve this double problem?
How know the exact number of following body parts from a "headers file" or 
how to convert MIME raw content to normal text?

Thank you,

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