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From SD <>
Subject Re: Multiple Jmeter Instances
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 11:09:08 GMT
alwaysbmore <alwysbmore <at>> writes:

> Well I was using 100 just as an example.  1000 is more realistic. So 1000 on
> a single instance compared to  500 split between two instances.  I'm running
> JMeter 2.4. on Windows Server 2003 which is a virtual machine.  I do not
> have any listeners expect for a Simple Data Writer. 
> What I'm having hard time understanding is just the difference between
> running on a single VM and multiple VMs. If I was to run 1000 threads on a
> single Jmeter instance on one VM, my test runs fine, much lower response
> times and no errors. If I run two VM's both at 500 threads exact same test
> plan. My response times are a lot higher and I receive a lot more errors.
> They are mostly connection timeout responses. 

Please let me know how to set up VMs environment, in my case I have these VMs 
outside of the country, from here and want to run Jmeter performance scripts 
in VMs. Help me out as I am new to this. 

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