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From Deepak Shetty <>
Subject Re: Jmeter Performance using, jmeter-server VS running in the local instance
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2011 01:00:46 GMT
>but as I can not combine the data this is not an acceptable solution.
Why not? Should be fairly simple (the easiest being to load it into a
database. Combining the XML result files is also trivial if they are small

I usually avoid using master-slave mode , preferring to run jmeter instances
separately.(the latter will always work better than the former)


On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 8:17 AM, Eric Gandt <> wrote:

> I have a set of scripts that I want to run, I configured and testing them
> using the local instance of jmeter, no as I expand the size of the test I
> need to start using jmeter-server instances to split the load as no single
> server can handle the load I want to generate.  I have gotten Jmeter to work
> with the server instances, but performance of the scripts run on
> jmeter-server is far poorer than that when run in the local instance
> ( in my case the difference is:
> Note: I am using the latest Jmeter: 2.4 r96153
> using a local instance of jmeter-server (connected to from the jmeter
> console): 40 hits-per-second generated
>    Load is about 2x that of just using the Console
> using a remote instance of jmeter-server (connected to from the jmeter
> console): 45 hits-per-second generated
>    Load on each server is about the same as using the Console
> using both local and remote instances of jmeter-server (connected to from
> the jmeter consoole): 49hits-per-second generated
>        Local load is about 1.6x using the consoel and remote load is about
> .8x
> using the local console instance: 136hits-per-second generated
> Based on what I'm seeing it does not appear that Jmeter works when running
> using jmeter-server,  as the performance of the load generated by it is far
> less (1/3 of that generated using the console).  I've already made changes
> to how it reports the data back to the console to reduce load, but even this
> has not helped with actual load being generated by the product.  I coudl run
> 2 instances of, which then generates the load I'd expect, but as I
> can not combine the data this is not an acceptable solution.  Have other
> people encountered similar issues using the client-server setup of Jmeter?
> Thanks,

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