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From Andrej van der Zee <>
Subject throughput: transactions vs samplers
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2011 03:41:22 GMT

Recently I have been using the Throughput Controller together with the
Constant Throughput Timer (native) and Throughput Shaping Timer (from
JMeter Plugin). I became to understand that the throughput values
specified in the timers do not reflect transactions per second, but
rather samplers per second. This led me to a rather crucial problem
for my test plan, but maybe I am mistaking. Hopefully somebody can
help me out here. Consider the following test plan:

--> Thread Group
---->  Constant Throughput Timer
---->  Transaction Controller (options: generate parent sample, do NOT
include timer duration)
------>   HTTP Request Sampler 1
------>   HTTP Request Sampler 2

I have a listener that records the response time of the Transaction
Controller. Sometimes I see high values that look suspicious to me.
Now I became to think that if a thread just executed HTTP Request
Sampler 1, it might be paused to satisfy the specified throughput.
Then after it is resumed and executed HTTP Request Sampler 2, the
paused time is included in the response time of the Transaction
Controller as a whole.

I was hoping that somebody could confirm that threads may be paused
between samplers in a transactions in this particular setup, or are
only paused after the thread finished its iteration (this was my
initial assumption).

Thank you!

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