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From "_ext van Leeuwen, Paul" <>
Subject RE: embedding JMeter / calling JMeter from other Java code
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2011 12:08:07 GMT
> Hmmm, are you sure that embedding jmeter is the most 
> efficient way to solve your problem? Sounds so complex...
> I know the product that embed JMeter - it's

Dear APC, thank you reading and taking time to respond.

I emailed MeterPlus, maybe they are willing to help me (though I do not get my hopes up too
much, since they are not open source and I do not know how nicely they did that integration,
but lets see what comes out of it).

You might be right that JMeter might not be the most efficient solution for my case, but I
guess I am stuck to it because of the complexity of the HTTP communication we have and the
legacy JMeter plug-in we use here. (I am always open for suggestions though.) Also I kind
of like the ease with which we can record using JMeter.

Maybe someone with knowledge on the code base can highlight what challenges to expect when
trying to run JMeter from JAR?

Best regards,

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