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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Http response message data issue
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2011 14:44:26 GMT
On 26 June 2011 15:24, anie sahu <> wrote:
> Thanks for response sebb-2-2.
> In the file which I attached in my previous post, line no 449, *var
> workID=2346077;*
> I am looking for this(2346077) 7 digit numeric  value. This will be unique
> for each request.
> Regular expression I used in Regular expression extractor is - *Var
> workID=(.?);* to extract above value.

The RE says to match

Var workID=

followed by
. => any single character
? => which may be omitted

followed by ';'

However, the text you want to match is

var workID=2346077;

which uses a lower-case "v", and has a multi-digit id.

So it's not surprising that the id is not extracted.

One way to build an RE is as follows:

1) start with the source text:

var workID=2346077;

2) escape any meta-characters

there are none in this case

3) add capture brackets round the part you want to extract

var workID=(2346077);

4) replace the variable parts of the string with suitable wild-card characters.

In this case, you want to capture the variable digits:

var workID=(\d+);

5) optimise if necessary to avoid back-tracking

Not necessary here

6) Test, and test again using actual data

e.g. Regexp tester from

Or ORO web-page:

> Thanks for response again and ask me more if you need details to help me
> out. For more i am giving http request sequence below
> first request, response of which will contain workID -
> *http://ecm-test/livelink/llisapi.dll?func=ll&objId=2053015&objAction=initiate&paneindex=0&viewType=1&nexturl=%2Flivelink%2Fllisapi%2Edll%3Ffunc%3Dll%26objId%3D2047295%26objAction%3Dbrowse%26sort%3Dname*
> next request, which uses the workID obtained from first request
> *http://ecm-test/livelink/llisapi.dll?func=work.EditTask&workid=2346077&subworkid=2346077&taskid=5&nexturl=http%3A//ecm-test/livelink/llisapi.dll/open/Tracker_Control_Panel*
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