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From Marco D'Aurelio <>
Subject Disrtibuted testing - saving and combining results
Date Thu, 12 May 2011 16:13:31 GMT

Hello everybody,
I am now trying to do distributed testing on a web app. My scheme has a master and a slave
and both of them send request to the target (as you can see from the attached picture).
As I can see from the listener "active threads over time", I can see the active threads if
they are issued from the master XOR from the slave, but I can't see the total numbers of threads
active if both of them are working (for example, if my test plan has 250 users, I expect to
see a total of 500 users in the master's listener, but I see only 250; however, if I launch
the test only on the slave or on the master, I see correctly 250 users). Is there a solution
to see all the threads together?
I thought that, by combining the output .csv files into one, I can visualize "a posteriori"
the active threads on the listener, but how can I save the output file from jmeter-server.bat?

Thanks in advance

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