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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Redirects and embedded objects
Date Tue, 03 May 2011 09:55:57 GMT
On 3 May 2011 08:27, Felix Frank <> wrote:
> On 05/02/2011 09:25 PM, Doxa wrote:
>> Felix, thnx for your reply.
>> After reading your reply I had another look at JMeter. My findings:
>> (1) Follow redirects: I used the proxy server to capture all requests. I
>> copied some requests as a test and checked the follow redirects checkbox.
>> When running the test, the replies are different from the recorded ones. I
>> only get more redirects as reply, instead of meaningful HTML reply. The
>> listener in the proxy server did show meaningful HTML replies. Because of
>> all the redirects, I got the same error message (but now after 20
>> redirects). How come?
> If you're on Windows, you can use "Fiddler" to examine the requests and
> compare with what the browser sends.
> Sebb's remark about Cookie Manager sounds promising.
>> (2) Retrieve all embedded resources from HTML files: in the listener there
>> were no requests to retrieve ScriptResources, WebResources, gif's, etc. May
>> be this is a logical consequence of all the redirects I got in (1).
> No. The embedded resources do *not* show up in any Listener. Instead,

Embedded resources should show up as sub-samples of the main sample,
and will be visible in the View Results Tree listener.

> the Sampler result aggregates all requests for all content. I.e., if
> Jmeter takes 2 more seconds to fetch the 200 images on a page, your
> Listener will report that the page under test takes two more seconds to
> load (the penalty can be rather high, because Jmeter will not load
> resources concurrently as a browser does).
> You may or may not want that. There is no way for Jmeter to
> automatically retrieve embedded content but not report the summed up
> time (unless I'm unaware of some new Listener and/or Plugin trickery).

You can find out the initial page load time from the sample tree (in
View Results Tree listener, and from the JTL results file if using XML

The Cache Manager may be useful here.

> HTH,
> Felix
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