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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Passing Variables in JMeter
Date Fri, 13 May 2011 15:00:08 GMT
On 13 May 2011 15:49, Janine DeBeradinis <> wrote:
> Hello Again -
> I have another question regarding passing variables in JMeter between different thread
groups in a test plan.  It looks like if a variable is defined on the Test Plan itself, all
Thread Groups have access to that variable.  If a variable is defined as a User Defined Variable,
then only the Thread Group that defined that variable has access to that variable (no other
Thread Groups can see that variable).   Is my understanding correct?

Yes, you have understood the scope correctly.

Howver, note that variable values are local to a thread. A thread that
changes the variable will only change it for that thread.

> Also, if you have two thread groups in a Test Plan, and thread group one calls another
test with an include controller, and gets some variables back from that test via an XPath
Extraction, the second thread group in the Test Plan does not have access to those variable.
 It this understanding correct?

Not sure what the include controller has to do with it.
Otherwise same as above.

> Thanks.
> Janine

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