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From Felix Frank>
Subject Re: Advice
Date Fri, 06 May 2011 12:35:25 GMT
On 05/06/2011 02:24 PM, Thom Hehl wrote:
> I really appreciate all the advice here. My comprehension of the basics
> is "fumbling in the dark." :)
> Yes, I'm really doing load testing, so I don't need much co-ordination
> between the threads. All I need to make sure is that the UDP packets
> start coming in before I start with the users, which I will use the
> ramp-up period on the thread group. So I don't think this should be too
> difficult. I'm using the UDPRequest Sampler that someone pointed me to
> in an open source jmeter plugins project.
> So the important things are that the UDP packets for a particular source
> device must run in that order and that one packet arrive from each
> device before I start HTTP testing. This is because the initial packet
> from the source device does set up in the DB so it can be used by one of
> the HTTP users reporting.
> So if I understand what you're saying, I can assign the variables from a
> CSV file, which I'm fine with. I think I can figure that out or assign
> them in the UDV. This part is simple for me to understand.
> What I can't seem to follow in the notes from you and Felix is how do I
> tell each of my Sampler packets what thread it belongs to and how to
> tell Jmeter to run those samplers as part of that thread.
> I will face a similar problem when I reach the HTTP thread group because
> I'll want each of the users to have their packets together as well.
> Felix, I looked for "sholw plan" but couldn't find anything.

Sorry, meant to write "whole plan" ;(

Is still don't get it.

If I read the top of your post right, each Thread should

1. fire a series of UDP datagrams to populate a DB
2. after that'd done, send a couple HTTP requests and look at the results

If that's the case, your test plan will be simple

+ User Defined Variables
+ Thread Group
-+ CSV Data Config
-+ UDP Sampler 1
-+ UDP Sampler 2
-+ ...
-+ HTTP Sampler 1
-+ ...

Each thread gets its data from CSV and proceeds with UDP then HTTP.

The bottom of your post reads like something totally different though,
so you may need to get yet *more* specific on where this needs to go ;-)


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