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From oliver <>
Subject Re: How are throughput and response time related?
Date Sun, 29 May 2011 23:45:43 GMT
Hi Deepak, 

Right, I think I see where I got confused. 

You are talking about the situation where the system is running at full
capacity - maximum throughput. So, yes, in this situation then it is logical
that it is not possible to increase the load any further without suffering
longer response times.

I was talking about situation where a system is not running at capacity or
saturation point and still has headroom left to increase throughput without
incurring any or negligible cost in terms of response times. You know, it's
that classic knee-bend scenario where you have a steady increase in load
overlayed with flat response times over time until they suddenly increase
exponentially at a certain point and your throughput levels off...

Hmmm, I have a strong urge to draw a graph.

Instead, I spent 30 seconds on Google and found this:
an excellent little blog post 

Andrew - our guest blogger - has rather succinctly summarised what this
thread is talking about. 

Notice how Andrew has used 'transactions/per second' as his label for
Throughput and not 'bytes' - good man Andrew, this guy knows his stuff.

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