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From sebb <>
Subject Re: did 2.4 change the behaviour of "retrieve all embedded resources" option?
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2011 13:45:59 GMT
On 7 April 2011 09:32, peter.doornbosch <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been using JMeter 2.3.4 for quite some time. Recently, i installed a new performance
test environment and installed JMeter 2.4. When i was analyzing the new test results (why
the h*** is it so much slower than before?), i incidently discovered that the jtl files are
more larger than before and that this was caused by the fact that all embedded resources were
> As it turns out, in my testscripts, there is a "HttpRequestDefaults" with the "retrieve
embedded..." set to on. However, all individual HttpSamples have it "switched off", well ,that
is, the check box is not checked there. Apparently, this leads to different behaviour in 2.3.4
vs 2.4: it seems that in 2.4 the default value set in the "HttpRequestDefaults" is not overridden
by the HttpSamplers, not even by a second "HttpRequestDefaults" that is "lower" in the tree.
Whereas it did in 2.3.4.
> Is this a bug or a feature? ;-)

I just created a test in 2.3.4 and the request defaults setting is
used by the sampler, as it is with 2.4.

I suspect the behavioural change is because you have more than one
request default in the test plan; 2.4 did change how multiple defaults
are handled.

For all the request default fields, there's no way to "reset" the
value in the sampler - if the sampler field is empty, then the default
(if any) is used.

> If this behaviour is intentionally changed, i suggest that it is documented in the release
notes (with a few exclamation marks), as it can confuse JMeter users, if there tests "suddenly"
run much slower.

Yes, it does need documenting, but not quite as you suggest.

> Regards,
> Peter.
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