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From "Jain, Kapil" <>
Subject Data Driven Testing
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2011 15:22:17 GMT
I'm involved on a project where we're replacing the integrations between a number of apps (each
with their own DB). When testing this our focus is on testing the integrations, including
data transformation (XSL) to ensure the data that comes from one app/db goes into the correct
fields with the correct format into the destination app/db. To do this we're taking a data
driven approach as we need to pass as many combinations of types, lengths, etc of data. This
won't be automated but will be run from 'template' test scripts, e.g. testscript1 will test
the integration between app/db1 and app/db2 but will be run many times with different data.
The data will be picked up from a spreadsheet. The query I have is how to track this. We haven't
got a test management tool in place so generally track test script progress (pass/fail etc)
in a spreadsheet. Usually we would have a bunch of test scripts, e.g. testscript1, testscript2,
testscript3 etc which is easy to track as we can have a row for each script and track which
cycle it was run in and pass/fail etc. If we take a data driven approach each test script
could be run 100 times, we wouldn't want to fail the whole script if just 1 combination of
data failed, so we need to track each run separately. My view is that we would track it as
testscript1_1, testscript1_2, testscript1_3 where the _1, _2 _3 etc would be a reference to
the data row that was run through the script. Any views?

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