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From Reg King <>
Subject using SQL select results as a Variable
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2011 15:23:09 GMT
Hi All,
I am new to jmeter, and new to development so i am sorry if this is a simple
question, i am unfortunatly finding it a little hard to sus out.

I would like to use the results of a MySQL statement as a variable to later
call in a HTTP post Request. The basic test is this: As part of the test
plan i need to delete a record from the DB (via the HTTP Request), however
the delete function uses the table ID as a hidden value. Each time a record
is created the ID changes in the DB, so I cannot use a constant value and
need to select the record ID value and use it as a variable for the HTTP
Request to call.

SQL = select ID from orderdetails where userno = 'AA044' and and accno =

I have set up a JDBC request to get this from the DB which is returning ‘ID
XXXXXX’. This is where i am getting a little lost. I have set up a regex
after this but am unable to sus out what the settings should be, or what
else i need to do to.
Would it be possible for someone to give me a really basic ABC step guide to
how i can get this to work?
Thank you very much for your time with this, after 3 hours of staring at
jmeter im getting a little frazzled

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