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From Andrey Pohilko <>
Subject Re: access log sampler, state thereof
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2011 11:19:45 GMT

If you can generate all POST and GET data, you could use HTTP Raw Sampler 
(custom sampler, not shipped with JMeter). It allows you have full control 
over request data - cookies, headers etc, but requires far more efforts ro 
prepare data.

If you interested, we could discuss it with more details, Raw Sampler concept 
is at very early development stage now.

Best regards,
Andrey Pohilko,
JMeter Plugins at Google Code
Project Owner

В сообщении от 24 февраля 2011 01:34:12 автор Will Milspec написал:
> hi all,
> I'm new to jmeter and have interest in using the access log sampler to
> recreate "actual load" from a very busy system.
> Anyone on the list using it currently? Can you share your insights &
> recommendations?
> We really would like it to replay 'posts' (i.e. as well as 'gets'), but
> reading the documentation and code, it appears that "no posts".
> For our application, posting content results in cleared caches, i.e. which
> require cache reloading...versus "mere gets" which fetch from the cache. So
> "post-less" access logs really will not tax the application to its full
> extent.
> I've looked at adding a new parser class (i.e. for a custom format which
> includes post data--it's pretty easy in tomcat to log this information
> using a servlet filter and the tomcat access log valve formatting
> strings)....however..reviewing the code I'm not sure if the HttpSampler
> will actually replay a "post" ...but I digress.. This is fodder for
> another question....
> However please weigh in if you have any pointers to extending the
> functionality.
> thanks in advance,
> will

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