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From Jens Müller <>
Subject RE: "On error goto" behavior
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2011 07:43:46 GMT

Hi and thank you.

> for any error or just the specfic error that you are looking for?

This behavior only for the specific error.

> If specific error that you seem to have mentioned then you could try adding
> a BeanShell listener(scoped to the if statement) to set the variable.
> The listener could check which assertion failed and set the variable
> accordingly. 

Ok, but isn't it the case that listeners are only executed on the JMeter controller in distributed
mode and not on the agents? Therefore the variable that would be set would not be available
on the agent executing the test.

> You could also have an if controller that checks the value of
> this variable and evaluates this for every child so that the other requests
> dont get executed.


> But im not sure whether this all happens synchronously
> (calling the listener after the sampler and before calling the next sampler)
> which would be needed for this to work. 

See my comment above, I don't think this is a good solution.

> out of curiosity why does the session expire? you wont be giving that large
> think times and the next request would reset the clock?

On easy example: The server is restarted during a long load test run. All subsequent requests
would be meaningless as the session is lost.
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