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From sebb <>
Subject Re: JMeter Module + Include Controller limitation?
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2010 21:21:21 GMT
On 13 December 2010 20:38, Anthony Johnson <> wrote:
> Problem mitigated.  The Disabled ThreadGroup worked and I can execute an
> IncludeController operation multiple times via a ModuleController and it
> works as expected.  I cannot dive into the IncludedFile from the
> ModuleController though which is not a showstopper.
> Problem was that I was accidentally saving the WorkBench as part of my
> include file.
> Some thoughts on this area of code that would make it a lot more awesome:
> 1.  Editing Test Plan fragments is error-prone due to the Save operation
> only works on the Test Plan node.  I would expect that the save operation
> would work successfully for my edited changes.

Save and "Save Testplan As" do not include the WorkBench. This will
not be changed.

Any node - including the WorkBench - can be saved using "Save Selection As".

>      -- Couldn't we just allow a SimpleController under the Test Plan

I don't think that's possible without breaking lots of code.
Not sure it provides any benefit.

> object or fix the IncludeController to remove the ThreadGroup portion of the
> tree when importing?

That might be possible.

> 2.  Show imported tree in Main Test Plan.  Just so you can analyze without
> have to change context and change back.

Why not just start another copy of JMeter?

> 3.  Inline editing of includes in the Main Test Plan.  I personally hate
> having to completely change context to edit an Include file.

Why not just start another copy of JMeter and keep it running for such changes?

> 4.  ModuleController support for executing different portions of an include
> file.  This would allow for a single include file to act as a library
> offering up several "functions".

I think that could be very tricky to implement.

> I don't mind doing the code changes, I just don't want to step on toes or
> duplicate effort.  Or... make a change that will never be merged.

I think most of the changes would require a lot of work, both to
implement and to test and document.

The Include and Module Controller code is quite tricky and not easy to
follow; it's very easy to break it.

The only one that might be simpler is stripping the ThreadGroup out of
an Include file.

If you can get that working, please create a Bugzilla issue and attach
the patch there.

> Thanks for the quick responses,
> Anthony
> On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 2:32 PM, sebb <> wrote:
>> On 13 December 2010 18:54, Anthony Johnson <> wrote:
>> > Hello list,
>> >    I am currently working on re-factoring a large number of JMeter test
>> > plans which share quite a bit of logic.  I've seen the ModuleController
>> as a
>> > way to re-use logic within a single Test Plan, but the ModuleController
>> > doesn't seem to handle IncludeController files.  I was hoping that the
>> tree
>> > within the Include would be visible as a selection for the
>> ModuleController.
>> >
>> > This doesn't happen.
>> >
>> > My Goal was to have this:
>> >
>> > + <Disabled ThreadGroup>
>> >   -- Include common jmx file.
>> >   -- Include another_common jmx file
>> > + Thread Group
>> >   -- Module Controller -> Calling some tree in included file
>> I suspect the problem may be due to the disabled parent - the Include
>> controller may need to run in order to resolve the includes.
>> Try enabling the thread group and see if that fixes it.
>> >
>> > Is an approach like this possible(and will work in non-GUI) without a
>> code
>> > change?  We have been working around this so far with manual testplan
>> merges
>> > of update logic, but it ends up being very time consuming.
>> >
>> > Thanks for your time,
>> >
>> > Anthony
>> >
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