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From sebb <>
Subject Re: IF or WHILE Contoller to limit requests by current time
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2010 15:26:47 GMT
On 20 December 2010 15:17, luke tarr <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I’m after a bit of help with Jmeter.
> I have a time parameter that is sent with a request which effectively looks like this
> TIME=2010-12-07T09:00:00
> I have used the time function within the parameter so that the year, month, date and
time(HH) are all sourced from the system clock and are therefore always up-to-date; the parameter
that is now passed is shown below.
> TIME=${__time(yyyy)}-{__time(MM)}-${__time(dd)}T${__time(HH)}:00:00

Why don't you use:


to create the time?

> This works fine but I would like to limit when the HTTP request is used depending upon
the minutes past the hour; there is a cycle of four differing images that are available, changing
every 15 minutes e.g. T09:00:00 is image 1, T09:15:00 is image 2 etc).
> My initial thought was to use either an IF of WHILE controller that would tell the HTTP
request to only function if the actual minutes are within a given range (there would be a
HTTP request set for each 15 minute window and each would have a controller) but I can’t
figure it out.
> So, for the first 15 minute window I went along the lines of ‘${__time(mm)}<15’
for IF and ‘${__javaScript(${__time(mm)}<15)}’ for WHILE to see if the request could
be limited to a certain part of the hour (it would poll every minute up to the point in time
when the next 15min period starts).  The instance would be left running for fairly long durations
of time to see that the images (content changed/were available in a timely fashion).
> Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I would probably use the switch controller, and convert the time into
0-3 quarters.

> Many thanks,
> Luke

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