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From Michel Duijvestijn <>
Subject Using JMeter variables in Javascript function
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2010 11:33:58 GMT
In the documentation about the __javaScript function is stated that:

"The following variables are made available to the script:
* ...
* vars - JMeterVariables object
* ..."

Being rather new to JMeter I don't understand how to use this vars-object.
I found out that you can use a variable name within quotes like
but is this the only/best way to work with JMeter variables?

What I finally want to do is joining the value of quite a number of
JMeter variables (obtained with the ForEach controller) into a long
string. Something like
${__javaScript(myOutput ='';for (i=0;i<=99;i++){myOutput = myOutput +
'${myVar_' + i + '}';},myOutput)}.
This should join the values of ${myVar_1} to ${myVar_99} into one

Thanks for your help!
Michel Duijvestijn <>
Rotterdam University

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