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From Petter Mahlen <>
Subject Re: Automating JMeter-server
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2010 15:08:51 GMT
> See also

Thanks for the response - that bug seems very similar to what I would like
to do.

>> The option of starting a remote shell and executing JMeter in headless mode
>> feels a bit less appealing.
> Why? That is the most efficient resource-wise.
>> Any ideas about this?
> You can launch the JMeter client in non-GUI mode from the command-line
> (or Ant etc.) and tell it to run a remote test.

The reason why I don't favour those options is the looseness of the
integration. I would like to implement a pure-Java solution that allows us
to control the load generation and collect the statistics without having to
start separate shells, etc. With different processes and shells involved,
troubleshooting becomes a lot harder when things go wrong. And they tend to
do that. We want to create something that can be run with a minimum of
manual intervention.


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