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From Sean Berry <>
Subject Running set ratio of requests
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2010 07:40:11 GMT
Hello all,

This is my first email to the list... I hope someone can help.

I have developed an registration/authentication system that I now need to load test.  For
my load test I have set goal for number requests / second.  These requests are to be distributed
in a set ratio according to the following:

1 New User Registration
1 Check if email is in use
1 Update Account
1 Update Subscription (subset of update account)
7 logins

Currently I am using a BSF Preprocessor to set variables (user later in IF controllers) to
determine if these should run... so, for example:

vars.put('register_ratio', ${__P(register_ratio)});
vars.put('emailInUse_ratio', ${__P(emailInUse_ratio)});
vars.put('login_ratio', ${__P(login_ratio)});


var register_mod = parseInt(vars.get('counter'), 10) % parseInt(vars.get('register_ratio'),
if (register_mod == 0) {
    vars.put('REGISTER', "yes");
} else {
    vars.put('REGISTER', "no");


Then, later I have IF Controllers for each:

"${REGISTER}" == "yes"
"${LOGIN}" == "yes"


This works as expected and I get the ratios of each request I am trying to achieve.  So, the
first question:
Is this the "right" way to do this?  Is there a better way?

My second question, which may warrant a different thread has to do with collecting the output
data.  Currently, I am running a server on 7 machines.  I have a python script that port scans
all local IPs for 1099.  The python process then gathers the output to create a report.  The
output works fine if I include a "Debug Sampler" even though I have everything set to False.
 I am only able to get output (via CLI or GUI) if I have the Debug Sampler enabled.  I think
this is because all of my samplers (WebService SOAP) are inside of the IF Logic Controllers.
 If I put a Summary Report or View Results Tree inside the IF Controllers then I get output,
but if they are not inside then I get nothing with the Debug Sampler turned off.  I know I
must be doing something wrong and was looking for some help on this as well.  Here is a screenshot
of my current setup.

If you need any more information please feel free to ask.

As a side note, I have taken a lot of the logic from the perl script that generates graphs
from the output saved from the Aggregate Graph and have ported it over to Python, adding a
bunch of additional reporting information and wrapping it up in a nice little web interface.
 Once completed, I would like to contribute the source back to the community.  Here is a partial

Anyway, thanks for any help!
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