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From Viatcheslav Kochepasov <>
Subject Re: jakarta-jmeter-2.4 >> ant package >> BUILD FAILED
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2010 16:54:36 GMT
1) point regarding page.

>From my view of fresh new commer it looks quite strange that binary
DESTIBUTION zip is reccomended to merge in source (to get
dependencies). That is why I got confused with "the binary archive for
a release". Did not realized it should read
"binary DESTIBUTION archive for a release" I was expecting binary
archive with dependencies.
Not a big deal just would be nice to make this subject clear.

2) To get dependencies as simple as uzip in
same folder as

You said: "Or you can download the binary archive for a release and unpack it
into the same directory structure as the source. This will ensure that
the lib/ directory contains all the required jar files. "
Unfortunately this FIX does not work as you want to see it and
required extra manual juggling.
Just try it on fresh PC !!!!
unzipped (binary DESTIBUTION archive) in
jakarta-jmeter-2.4\ ( folder
>ant package
..\jakarta-jmeter-2.4\lib\api does not exist.

I can fix all those missed dir and etc manually. Just does not
understand why a simple task as "ant build" would require such steps.
Does not add value to the JMeter project.

>> "binary distr" anyway and it makes no sense to me to tie people to
>> "ant/build" download functionality which is broken somehow.
> It's not broken for everyone, as the Hudson and Gump builds work OK.

Fact that Hudson and Gump builds OK does not prove one can simple run
"ant download_jars
" as mentioned on the page. I have got an error. Unzipped bin
distribution, still get error.
All I am asking is a simple one step zip file with all dependencies
(jar and dir) to get build run on fresh clean pc.

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