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From sebb <>
Subject Re: jakarta-jmeter-2.4 >> ant package >> BUILD FAILED
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2010 02:37:58 GMT
On 9 November 2010 01:21, Viatcheslav Kochepasov <> wrote:
>>> Does it mean there are some extra dependencies beside those jars in
>>> ?
>> Yes. There are some dependencies that are only needed at compile time.
>> The bcmail jars are optional at run-time, which is why they are not in
>> the binary archive.
> Here we back to initial point. Why don't freeze all dependencies in
> archive file at release time?

Because the binary archive is only for the run-time dependencies.

Most people want the runtime only; adding unnecessary jars to it just
wastes resources.

> That should:
> 1) simplify effort of any one who wants to join the project and run
> build in his local env ;

There's no problem if you use download_jars, which is what the page says to do.

> 2) protects project from misses or changes at dependency file source
> (better initial impression for jmeter project);

If jar files move, then a bug is raised and the problem is fixed.

> 3) would allow binary release be what it should be (there may be
> different flavors of binary releases)  and

The binary archive is already correct.

>  all source code dependencies to be in one archive.

The source code archive is for source only, and contains a copy of
what is in SVN.

> In any case statement on build web page should be rewritten to stay
> clearly that online access is required to run build and
> "ant download_jars" is mandatory pre request.

OK, that is worth doing.

>> If you try running "ant download_jars" in a source-only directory tree
>> (ie. without the jars from the binary archive) what happens?
>> Do the other downloads mainly work?
>> Or do most fail?
> Please, do not waist your time on this issue. I run same commands on
> linux env with similar versions of tools and
> "ant download_jars" get finished successfully. Next "ant package" was
> success too.
> I guess it could be some specific to windows implementations of tools.

I tested on Windows and everything downloaded OK, apart from xstream
(which is already fixed in SVN).

There must be an issue with your Windows installation.

> Here is exact versions used on linux:
> Apache Ant version 1.8.0 compiled on April 9 2010
> java version "1.6.0_20"
> Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_20-b02)
> Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 16.3-b01, mixed mode)
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