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From J.E.C.Brisland <>
Subject Populating a csv and reading a random column from it
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2010 09:55:58 GMT
Hi All,

Here is what I want to do. (Please bear with me... I have a hard time trying to put my thoughts
into words)

I have a whole bunch of forum discussions, and posts within those discussions.

What I want to do is populate a CSV with the id's of the discussions and posts information.

What I then want to do is have a thread in that is controlled with a throughput controller
to make new discussions or replys to current posts using a random id from either the posts
or discussions csv. (It will randomly either make a new post or reply to one that already

I did initially have a thread that looked at the discussions page, found a random discussion
using a regex, then found a random post within that discussion to make a reply to, but because
this was controlled by a throughput controller this made the process too slow.

>From what I can understand this is how the throughput controller works

I have 60 users in the reply thread group (ramping up one per second)

The first user fires a request to find a random discussion (1 of my 2 requests per minute)
During the next 30 seconds half of the user threads are fired up... they also go to do a request
to get a random discussion, but cannot because of the throughput controller.
Next one of the newly started user threads is able to make a request to find a random discussion

It seems to me that it is never able to get onto actually doing a posts as there are enough
users in this thread group to saturate it with just finding a discussion id / post id

Basically for me to control how many posts are made per second I have to have a dedicated
thread that just does the form posting, and another thread that gets the data and stores it
in a csv file so that the thread doing the form posting can get some random data out.

Here is the setup I currently have

Reply Thread Group
-- ThroughPut Controller - 2 per minute (all active threads in current thread group (shared))
-- Find Random Discussion (HTTP Request to main forum page w/regex to find discussion id)
-- Find Random Post (HTTP Request to discussion page w/regex to find post id)
-- View Random Post Form (HTTP Request to reply form page w/regex to forum details like user
id, draft flag etc)
-- Post Reply Form (HTTP Request to reply form page w/post data)

Here is the setup I think I need

Data Thread Group
-- ThroughPut Controller - 10 per minute (all active threads in current thread group (shared))
Loop through all discussions
Loop through all posts
Write data to CSV with discussion/post info for the Reply thread group to use

Reply Thread Group
-- ThroughPut Controller - 2 per minute (all active threads in current thread group (shared))
-- Post Reply Form (HTTP Request to reply form page w/random post data from csv file)

I'm sorry that this is such a long email... I just wish I had someone in my workplace that
actually understood jMeter, instead of being the guinea pig trying to make scripts work.

The Open University is incorporated by Royal Charter (RC 000391), an exempt charity in England
& Wales and a charity registered in Scotland (SC 038302).

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