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From Ondrej Ivanič <>
Subject JDBC sampler very slow
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2010 22:01:40 GMT

Part of the database benchark (Postgres 8.4, recent JDBC4 Postgresql
Driver) is query which fetches 1000 recent events (row size is ~1k so
1mb of data in total):

select * from event order by datetime desc limit 1000

When query is executed using JDBC sampler it takes between 2 and 5
minutes to finish comparing to less than 50ms using psql or simple PHP
script. I suspec that value of JDBC fetch size parameter is set too
low. Is it possible to change this parameter?

I found the following workaround:
explain analyze select * from event order by datetime desc limit 1000
which executes query (analyze = carry out the command and show the
actual run times) on the server and query result is discarded. The
question is if test is still reliable...

Ondrej Ivanic

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