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From Felix Frank>
Subject Re: Jmeter with ajax applications
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2010 11:48:56 GMT
> I have seen in the archive lists it says JMeter can record Ajax
> application using http proxy server. But my doubt are
> 1. " whether JMeter is able to simulate the asynchronous requests which
> inherently meant browser just sends the request in pipeline/parallel
> without waiting for the response from the server?"  

Jmeter will make all requests serially. Depending on your application,
this may not be correct at all.

> 2. Jmeter can simulate clientside "JavaScript's"?

A recorded plan will behave just as the client scripts behaved *during
In many cases, you will want to rebuild the client side logic in the
Jmeter test plan, but the recorded plan cannot do this for you.
You have to do this yourself, using PostProcessors mainly, like

> 3. How it will simulate the frequency at which the Ajax request is sent
> ?

You choose the frequency at which Jmeter operates. If you don't insert
timers, Jmeter will use the highest frequency it can come up with (i.e.,
send each request as soon as the previous one is complete).


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