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From Felix Frank>
Subject Re: Test plan for (970 page requests every 5 min)
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2010 11:11:06 GMT
> This is an interesting topic and your answers are really informative.
> Why do you recommand using Firebug? Is Firebug not loading static files and
> apsx files simultaneously?

Firebug's Net tab will illustrate Firefox's behaviour wrt. parallel
downloads. You should use it to get an idea of how typical (non-Jmeter)
client interaction works with your application.

> An other question I have is: Do you have 'Retrieve All embedded reourses'
> enabled or disabled when loadtesting a Webserver? I couldn't really make
> that up from your previous posts in this topic.

I'm not sure why Deepak doesn't like this feature. My personal rule of
thumb is to always use it (in conjunction with the Cache Manager) to do
what the browser does while
a) using as few Samplers as possible and
b) allowing Jmeter to compute average times based on times to load whole
pages, not each tiny image under test

Do note that there are caveats to this approach as well. Failure to load
any embedded image or script will count as a page fault in your
statistics and other effects.

You should mess around with the different options to find out what works
best for you.


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