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From Prostak <>
Subject Re: Test plan for (970 page requests every 5 min)
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2010 18:06:24 GMT

>Your IIS would have logs which
>state when the request started and ended as should your Load Balancer.

These files are massive. So a tester needs to find a time for a single
request in LB logs => then find a time for the same request in server logs
=> then find a time for the response => then find the time for the same
response in LB logs.
Then he should subtract all the times to get an idea of a response times.
Pls correct my chain of events if it is wrong.

Also, how do you work with such massive files? Just simple "Find" method in
notepad (for windows based)?

>Java based applications have a WebServer which proxies requests to the
>actual application servers.

So if I don't have AppServer, then I don't have reverse proxy

>You can figure out how much
>time representative browsers take to render your page.

Is it the difference between DOMContentLoaded and Load time shown by
Firebug? If no, how do you measure rendering time?

>You can see from a
>browser what time is needed for static files download (cached and non

Here is where I am puzzled. Remember that my website is on a single Web
Server (no Appl Servers). Response for static files would increase
respectively with the load. What is the point of measuring it if the data
would be irrelevant when I apply the load. So if images (etc) take 2 seconds
to load, I can't use this time to add because it will increase when the load
is applied.
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