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From Prostak <>
Subject Re: Test plan for (970 page requests every 5 min)
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2010 22:33:46 GMT

>a. this is my opinion, use it if it works for you or makes sense to you.
>Felix for e.g. has a different perspective and you might find something
>different that makes life easier for you.

I asked Felix, but he disappeared without answering. Do you have any idea
how Felix measures #3 "The time your browser takes until you can see
anything, at least some text". 

Also, how does a tester calculate the page response time using load balancer

And what are those reverse proxy logs he was talking about?

>b. very accurate page load times are rarely needed . 

Yes, but if the requirement states that pages need to onload in less then 10
seconds with 30 concurrent users, what is the way to measure it, if you
can't get accurate page load time?

>I would spend more time on the dynamically generated stuff since that's
>where problems crop up. 

Our site doesn't have any dynamically generated stuff. What should I test
for then, if page load is out of the option?

>If memory serves me correctly you had a load , but the times for the same
>resource varied wildly. if this is not the case ignore what I said. If the
>problem is server CPU then this should be easy to verify, run perfmon(or
>equivalent) while your test is running and check if the CPU is pegged at
>100% on the server.

Do you mean spikes like these:  

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