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From Prostak <>
Subject Re: Test plan for (970 page requests every 5 min)
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2010 18:33:15 GMT

>Ah I didn't notice your original table separated out pages from requests.
>whereas I used the terms interchangeably.
>So for this mail a Page = the URL the browser requests. Resources =
>Javascript/CSS/Images that the browser automatically requests
>I generally tend not to test out anything related to
>CSS/Javascript/Image(unless Im stressing the webserver) while doing any
>response time testing so while a Page may include 50 resources I would only
>figure out values for the page.

If I exclude all resources then it wouldn't reflect the true new user. I
also have noticed, that when recording through proxy on Jmeter, it records
resources only once (for instance when loading the home page I get all css
files, icons and general images). When I browse through tabs, it doesn't
rerecord all the resources. Only the unique resources of some pages. I think
such recording reflects the true unique user. Therefore when I stop
recording and add wait times, it would give me a realistic unique user,
which then I can multiply (increase number of threads), to receive the
realistic load. Don't you agree? .......... now when I reread it, I suspect
that this question relates to the question about concurrent users at the
near end of this message.

>If you are using firebug then you should be using the network tab and
>looking at the times there. A javascript/DHTML heavy app may take more time
>to load but Jmeter cant capture this. 

I was going to ask you next if Jmeter can give me a total load time for each
page, but then I found your answer to another guy on similar question
It is disappointing. I understand that there are a lot of factors (browser,
network, returning user, users machine), but it would be nice to have that
data at least for your specific factors. So it would be nice to have page
load time for FF 3.6, WinXP, network such and such, 20 concurrent users...
Too bad to hear that Jmeter can't do it.

>A browser can reuse sockets (keep alive - but we'll ignore that for now ).
>In any case its the number of concurrent connections that usually cause
>problems. So if a browser makes a request for a page and then finds out the
>page has 50 resources it will use anything from 2 to N concurrent
>connections(It used to be that the browser would only make 2 connections
>domain but I think more recent browsers have increased this value , I dont
>know the value of N) . JMeter on the other hand does no such thing.

Can you please explain here a little more? Let's say each Jmeter thread
contains <u>50 requests</u> (all pages and all resources combined):
Does Jmeter establish 50 concurrent connections?
Or does it establish only one concurrent connection for the whole thread?

> you check the download embedded resources checkbox

Sorry, didn't understand. Do you mean "Retrieve All Embedded Resources from
HTML Files" in HTTP Proxy server? If not, which one you mean?

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