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From Felix Frank>
Subject Re: Out of memory message
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2010 10:15:47 GMT

for large numbers of threads, be careful to keep the whole test as small
as possible. Each thread must maintain a dedicated copy, so memory
consumption rises with thread plan complexity. Refer to

Of course, listeners like Aggregate Report consume memory over time,
that's true, refer to the Component Reference for alternatives that may
suit your needs better.

Your Java settings look fine to me.


On 08/04/10 11:54, Blostin wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone help me with this problem? I've been running tests running a
> small number of threads starting over a 1 minute period with no problem with
> JMeter. I increased the size of the number of threads to 500 to start up
> over an 8 hour period. JMeter threw an 'Out of Memory' error.
> I had already increased available RAM to Jmeter and the only thing left to
> me is to remove one of the two listeners from the script.
> The available RAM was set at "set HEAP=-Xms1024m -Xmx1536m". Is this OK???
> Should the Xms value be lower? My PC has 2Gb of RAM available.
> Any help with this much appreciated...

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