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From Felix Frank>
Subject Re: Does jmeter take some prediction while giving resonse time for a thread?
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2010 10:48:22 GMT

to get a better picture of what Jmeter measures and how, make sure to
1. use the result tree listener
2. for a long-ish taking sample, expand its tree of sub-samples and find
out if one or more of them is the culprit
3. get Firefox + Firebug and compare Jmeter's results with those
reported by Firebug's "Net" tab (Chrome has an equally useful metric
built in, IIRC)

It is possible that there are lengthy "background" requests going on,
such as webtrackers, finishing long after the page is displayed by the


On 08/02/10 12:29, samurai241185 wrote:
> Hi friends,
> It may be very simple question for all of you guys. But whatever i felt i am
> presenting here (Being a newbie for Jmeter).I tried to measure the jmeter
> response for application like .I am giving here one example-
> Jmeter is showing 122323 ms for response time but i did measure from my
> computer time , it hardly takes 10 seconds.So my question is that -Jmeter
> takes some prediction time while sending requests or it somewhere virtualize
> like it would end up period found from aggregate result.Please help.

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