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From Flik Shen <>
Subject Re: GUI client might not reach server through SSH tunnel
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2010 10:32:51 GMT

I get deep into code level and find something.
In class ClientJMeterEngine and method getEngine, logic is as below.
      final String name = "//" + h + "/" + RemoteJMeterEngineImpl.JMETER_ENGINE_RMI_NAME;
       Remote remobj = Naming.lookup(name);
       if (remobj instanceof RemoteJMeterEngine){
           final RemoteJMeterEngine rje = (RemoteJMeterEngine) remobj;
           if (remobj instanceof RemoteObject){
               RemoteObject robj = (RemoteObject) remobj;
               System.out.println("Using remote object: "+robj.getRef().remoteToString());
           return rje;

Remote server will be referred by its host name or IP which is configured inn properties file
or command-line parameters.
Class RemoteJMeterEngine is a sub-class of class UnicastRemoteObject.
Any instance of UnicastRemoteObject will create stub and skeleton for communicating with remote
object automatically.

I could specify the host name or IP by configuration or parameter-passed when looking up the
remote server.
However the UnicastRemoteObject create connection by itself and I even have no chance to specify
host name.
So I guess this might be the root cause of communication failure between client and server.

If I am wrong, please correct me.


On 7/26/10 4:27 PM, "Felix Frank" <> wrote:

> It fails when I run Jmeter client locally + SSH Tunnel + Jmeter server on remote.

Query the network administrator(s).

> About hosts file, I did not try it yet.
> Do you suggest me to append a new entry about " localhost"?

No, I suggested on several occasions that you add the `hostname` of to its entry. Comment out all other lines
containing this alias to be on the safe side.

> [cid:3363006325_515265]

This links to about:blank for me.

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