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From Flik Shen <>
Subject Re: GUI client might not reach server through SSH tunnel
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2010 10:18:49 GMT
Hi Felix,

The server stay at non-public but it not another part of company's network.
It locates on customer's network indeed.

So route information may not easy to configuring.

Maybe topological diagram might be helpful for clarification.
I will draw it Monday and share with you.


On 7/23/10 3:28 PM, "Felix Frank" <> wrote:


>  1.  Jmeter client touches RMI server via tunnel.
>  2.  Jmeter client obtains information of jmeter server, like IP address, Server Listening
Port and etc.
>  3.  Jmeter client creates new socket directly to server according to IP address and
port obtained.
>  4.  If it is successful to create socket, test plan will be transferred to jmeter server,
if not error will be logged.

This sounds just right.

> My real concern is whether jmeter server is reachable when it stay on non-public IP address
behind a firewall.

10.x.x.x is non-public, so I assume the server is just in another LAN of
your company's, reachable via a router/firewall.

> Which IP address Jmeter server registers itself in RMI server, its own one or the firewall's?

The server has no way of knowing the firewall's IP address. You *could*
trick jmeter using an /etc/hosts entry, but then the firewall would
positively need NAT rules.

> It might be unreachable when it uses its own.

SSH is reachable via the server's own address. You probably only need to
ask your admin to open the Jmeter relevant ports for similar routing.
Then SSH tunneling will be completely unnecessary.

> Similarly, if I want keep information transition safe and using SSH tunnel, it might
not work.

As stated previously, your Jmeter server must believe it was reachable
via (as per /etc/hosts), otherwise communication will
certainly not work.

> If anything is wrong, please correct me.

There is some confusion about your actual topography. Can you ping the
Jmeter server from your box? If so, please do a traceroute to your
server and include the output (unless it's huge).


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