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From Flik Shen <>
Subject Re: GUI client might not reach server through SSH tunnel
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2010 03:42:23 GMT
Hi Felix,

I think you're right that it is only simple routing matter if remote server stands on public
IP address.

Base on appearance of jmeter server, I guess the process of communication of jmeter client
and server which is behind firewall might be like below.

 1.  Jmeter client touches RMI server via tunnel.
 2.  Jmeter client obtains information of jmeter server, like IP address, Server Listening
Port and etc.
 3.  Jmeter client creates new socket directly to server according to IP address and port
 4.  If it is successful to create socket, test plan will be transferred to jmeter server,
if not error will be logged.

My real concern is whether jmeter server is reachable when it stay on non-public IP address
behind a firewall.
Which IP address Jmeter server registers itself in RMI server, its own one or the firewall's?
It might be unreachable when it uses its own.
Similarly, if I want keep information transition safe and using SSH tunnel, it might not work.

If anything is wrong, please correct me.

Thanks and best regards,

On 7/22/10 5:46 PM, "Felix Frank" <> wrote:


it sounds as though this were a rather simple matter of routing. Ask
your administrators whether the ports you need can be treated in the
same way as SSH. That would be the most simple setup.

Otherwise, try the /etc/hosts on the server, I'm not sure whether this
can at all work, though.

Good Look

On 07/22/2010 11:35 AM, Flik Shen wrote:
> Hi Felix,
> It is true that I could visit any service hosted on remote server ONLY after I have login
via SSH.
> I am not very sure about what on earth happens.
> Maybe my company's firewall block my request to remote server.
> Maybe my remote server is protected by firewall or something else.
> If my jmeter-server only has intranet IP and provide its services via Firewall tunnel.
>  For client, is it, I wonder, still reachable?

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