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From Karsten Gaul <>
Subject Re: DB crash
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2010 05:59:05 GMT
Hi sebb,

> As your test plan is calling the database via the web application, in
> theory enough users of the application can cause the same problem.
> You have proved that the web application can bring down the database
> (which is useful to know).
> Whether it is possible for this to occur when not using JMeter depends
> on how close the test plan load is to what the application is intended
> to support.
> Use application logs to gather stats on the page requests made by
> actual users, and compare those with the load generated by JMeter.
> Adjust the JMeter test plan as necessary to reflect the target load.
> You also need to look at the web application to see if some of the SQL
> can be changed to reduce the database load.

Actually, what I did was taking REAL data from the logs in order to 
replay these with jmeter. That works fine as long as you edit this data 
a little (passwords etc.). The test plan is thus as close as I might 
possibly get to a real user's actions. Four csv files for four different 
options to get from a log in to the check out. These four ways are then 
executed by the threads in parallel.
However, what I do not know is how the actual live system reacts because 
I can only test on a less performant development system. Hopefully, the 
live system is better configured.


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