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From Karsten Gaul <>
Subject Re: how to stress test a http proxy server?
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2010 11:34:22 GMT
Hi Christoph,

the loop controller loops x times within one iteration step but the csv 
is read only once per iteration. This means that you currently use the 
same login data for x loops. Try leaving out the loop controller and set 
the iterations in the thread group to the number of lines you have in 
your csv file.


Am 08.07.2010 13:23, schrieb Christoph:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to stress test our new http proxy server.
> The server is working with user authentication and password.
> I know that jmeter has proxy parameters -u<proxy_user>  -a<proxy_passwd>.
> However, my intention is to use 600 different user/password combinations.
> Currently my testplan looks like this:
> Thread-Group
>      HTTP Cookie Manager
>      CSV Data Set Config     (here users and password are stored)
>      Loop Controller
>          HTTP-Request URL:http://intranet.gosys.test
> What I'm concerned with is
> how to cause jmeter to perform proxy authentication with different users?
> Can anyone help, please?
> Thanks in advance
> Christoph

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