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From Karsten Gaul <>
Subject Re: Think time and duration of test
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2010 10:05:30 GMT
Hi Suresh,

I'm not sure but i suggest you try the interleave controller and the csv 
config element. How?
1. Write a csv file containing think time and url like this

2000 /home/1.htm
3000 /home/2.htm
450000 /home/post.htm (long time but he could not remember his name)

The variable names for your CSV element are TIME and URL seperated by komma.

2. now take this 'constant timer' and put the variable ${TIME} in. It's 
not that 'constant' anymore now.

3. Now put all your samplers in an interleave controller and write 
${URL} in each 'url' field.

Since the interleave controller takes only one sampler per iteration you 
need to set the loop count to at least 15 (the number of samplers). For 
each iteration, one line of the csv is read. I think this is the better 
solution since users do not only think when filling out some forms but 
also when they simply browse.

You may even reduce the number of samplers to 2 (one for POST and one 
for GET requests) using the if-controller instead of the interleave 


Am 08.07.2010 11:17, schrieb Suresh Rajachar:
> Hi Stan,
> Thanks for the suggestion.
> I have 15 samplers in my test plan. I have to add think time before one
> particular post sampler.
> So, i can add the 'Test action with timer as child' to this sampler.?? or i can
> add 'Test action with timer as child' as a child to the entire thread group?
> Regards,
> Suresh R

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