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From Prakash <>
Subject Help needed for regular expression extractor
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2010 23:32:26 GMT
Hi All,

Can anyone help me what would be the solution for following scenario?

Step1: There are two responses get generated (say x.aspx and y.aspx) upon a 

The value of the Location parameter in the header of x.aspx(POST Method) 
contains: y.aspx?ID=abcdf

y.aspx contains the send parameter as -> ID

Jmeter does not capture the value of the Location  parameter in the header of 
x.aspx during the recording(I found the header details of x.aspx contains 
Location parameter using Fiddler).

How can I capture the value of variable ID using regular expression from the 
header of x.aspx and assign it in the send parameters of y.aspx?

Any help to get the solution will be appreciated.


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