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Subject The thorny question of keepalives again!
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2010 08:54:30 GMT

Many moons ago, I submitted a patch to allow keep-alive on SOAP http
the thread is basically here:

Now i'm back in this area, and still confused :)

What I need to simulate is this:

x clients connecting ( i.e. threads )
Sending a SOAP request every y seconds ( Loop count, with a timer - sorted )
Connection being closed after z seconds. ??

It seems to me I have no control over z.

In other words, I want to do a test where y is less than z, and  should
see the response time lower than when y is greater than z.  But I dont
currently see that behaviour at all.

In fact, when I run on solaris via ant, the default behaviour in my setup
seems to be that connections open and close incredibly quickly, and the
number of established connections remains very low.  In this setup, I see
good 20ms response times.

When i then enable keepalives, i see all the established connections build
up, but i also see response time increase to 40ms.  Which doesnt make much
sense to me!

I see different behaviour when i do this on Windows, although my windows
box is also outside the firewall, and therefore going across a different
network, hmm.  Our real clients are majority windows.

So; Is there any way i can configure z (keep alive timeout)?  and any
other thoughts?


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