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From Karsten Gaul <>
Subject Re: IOException. Response code 401
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2010 13:47:19 GMT
The browser sends some stuff jmeter doesnt. the user-agent for example. 
Am I supposed to add all of this to the header manager? I now added the 
User-Agent but it didnt solve the problem.


Am 29.06.2010 14:05, schrieb sebb:
> On 29 June 2010 12:56, Karsten Gaul<>  wrote:
>>> So does the Auth Mgr fix get requests?
>> yeah it does. I only get the error messages when POST requests are sent.
>>> What do you see in the Tree View Listener?
>>> How does that compare with what a browser sees?
>> After processing the data of the post there is a redirect to a different
>> page. This is where the authorization violation seems to happen. The post is
>> executed and the server processes the data and for example creates an
>> account but the access to the follow-up page is denied.
>> Apart from the access violation the browser sees the same pages and the same
>> data that is shown in the results tree.
> The server does not know whether it is communicating with JMeter or a browser.
> All it sees are the HTTP(S) requests, so if the server consistently
> behaves differently, it must be seeing different requests.
> In which case the browser must be sending something different from JMeter.
> Have you compared the requests as well as the responses?
>> rgds
>> Karsten

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