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From João Tiago Ferreira <>
Subject RE: Jmeter JMS support for Tibco EMS
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2010 12:52:18 GMT
Hi, i will post my logs in this issue:
. You agree?


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Sent: quinta-feira, 17 de Junho de 2010 13:33
To: JMeter Users List
Subject: Re: Jmeter JMS support for Tibco EMS

On 17/06/2010, João Tiago Ferreira <> wrote:
> Hi
> I am using jmeter to perform some functional tests in our application. I
> need to send a request for the JMS server and wait for a response.
> Our use case for the the use of correlation and message ids is that the
> messageID of the request is used to set the correlationID of the response.


> Using jmeter JMS request response the correlation is not working as
> expected, neither in 2.3.4 or nightly builds.

I'm not surprised about 2.3.4, however I thought the nightly builds were better.

Have you tried both settings of "Use Request Message Id As Correlation Id"?

> I send the logs as attachments.

Please don't send attachments to the list.
In this case they got lost anyway.

Post them somewhere public and send the link, or create a Bugzilla
issue and attach them there. That is probably best in this case.

> As far as I can understand the JMS Sampler is using the messageID of the
> response to match the messageID of the request,

I don't think it does that, but I'll check.

> while it should use the correlationID of the response.

Sometimes - I think that depends on how the JMS service is configured.

> I easily modified the source to fit my needs, but wanted to contribute my
> testing with Tibco EMS. I also noted that several bug reports exist about
> this issue.

Yes, this is a tricky area, partly because JMS knowledge within the
team is limited, and partly because the protocol does not seem to be
particularly well-defined with regard to how correlationId is treated.

AIUI, not all JMS providers behave the same way:
Some may copy the request messageId to the response correlationId.
Others may copy the request correlationId to the response correlationId.
There may be other behaviours.

I could not find any documentation that defines what the "correct" behaviour is.
As far as I could tell, the setting of the response correlationId is
server- or application-defined. [If you have details, please post a
link to the docs!]

If changes need to be made to support Tibco JMS, we need to ensure
that these don't prevent JMeter from working with other JMS providers
- or indeed with other different configurations of Tibco.

This probably means adding some optional behaviour to the correlation
processing so users can configure it as needed.

I think the first stage would be to get JMeter working with Tibco, and
then look at how to provide configuration options for any changes that
might be needed.

So please create a Bugzilla with your suggested changes, and logs from
current JMeter.

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