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From Carl Shaulis <>
Subject Re: How to test a web site
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2010 14:50:22 GMT
I am going to apologize in advance because these comments may seem rude.

You really need to put in some effort to study the concepts of performance
testing and not rely on this great forum to teach you.

The great folks of this forum are more than accommodating, but lately there
have been numerous posts on very fundamental test questions that are not
necessarily JMeter centric.

There are numerous resources where you could use web searches to find.
There are many published books.

Please do your homework and ask technical questions regarding JMeter on how
the tool can support your testing efforts.  More importantly the JMeter home
pages provide almost everything you need.

Finally as suggested

 - use Bad Boy or the JMeter proxy recordings.
-  Record some actions for your target website.
-  Execute 5 threads for 2 minutes.
-  Inspect the data.
-  Research the meaning of the data.


On 4/8/10 5:23 AM, "mourya" <> wrote:

> Thx for he reply. actually in website performance testing wht we are going to
> test?how we can claculate the performance of the website??(Based on what? if
> possible can you give simple example)
> mourya wrote:
>> Hai guys,
>> In my office my boss assigned me one task to test a website's performance
>> using Jmeter. Last week now i learnt some basics of JMeter. can you guys
>> tell me how to start the load testing using JMeter. i mean how to start
>> scenarios. its a online products ordering site.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Naga

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