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From "Bhuiyan, Hasan (Hasan)" <>
Subject RE: JMeter success story
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2010 16:33:59 GMT
Good story...Good job..

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From: David Levine [] 
Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2010 9:46 AM
To: JMeter Users List
Subject: JMeter success story

Forgive this somewhat off-topic posting, or is it?  I probably should
read the posting guidelines first.  Here is a JMeter success story.

I was recently consulting to a major corporation in the financial
industry and was tasked with making some seemingly minor functional
to a web service system that had not been maintained for several years.
 Since there was no test for the web service, I used JMeter to write a
functional / regression test to essentially capture the current behavior
the system.  As I made changes, I would use the JMeter test to validate
everything was still working properly.

Then, just for sh-ts and giggles, I ran the test with three threads -
two of them failed.  Right about the same time I discovered this, the
on the company's production server went up and they started experiencing
failures, leading to a potential major business loss. As you could
this escalated right to the top and I suddenly transitioned from working
a relatively minor functional change to saving customers and business.
JMeter I was able to find the cause of the bug and prove that I had a
and then use it in the test and production environments to validate that
fix worked.

I anticipate other people at this company will now be using JMeter on a
fairly regular basis, for testing web applications in addition to the
services I was testing.

One interesting area for me is that JMeter is, at heart, a really good
testing tool with a descent functional testing capability.  I was using
primarily for functional testing at first (not load testing), and it was
there that I ran into a limitation, which is that you can't use JMeter
automate the functional test of a Windows application.  That's by
I'm not criticizing that - JMeter isn't designed to test Windows
applications - I understand that.  So I worked around that by using the
sampler to bridge in another open source testing tool that can create
automated functional tests for Windows applications.  That wasn't really
necessary because I could have done the same thing without requiring the
Windows application, I was just doing that to see if it would work
and whether it would be valuable.  I did actually find it valuable in a
places, when I wanted to do some Windows application thing in the middle
a test.  I'm not sure I'd use that Windows bridge on another project,
but it
was an interesting research effort nevertheless.


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